Bewick's Wren

In over 20 years at my home, I’ve only seen two Wrens and they have both been Bewick’s Wrens. This one appeared this morning. Was around for a few seconds and disappeared. It didn’t seem to have any interest in the feeders.

Specific Feedback Requested

I wish it had given me at good head turn but at least the light was decent.

Technical Details

ISO 1000, 200-600 at 600 mm, F 10, 2000th, fill flash at -2, Sony A1, less than 50% of full frame.


I’ll never pass the exam to be on the Head Police. I think the picture is wonderful technically and it makes me wonder what he’s wondering about!

I’m jealous – I’ve only seen one. It hung around for about 3 seconds. I was sitting behind a 600 and got one wretched snapshot for ID.

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@Diane_Miller you crack me up with the Head Police comment. :slightly_smiling_face:

David, As always, a wonderful image with all the points checked off. The background is terrific, and while the head turn isn’t optimal (I guess), it’s a wonderful portrait of a rare bird. Congrats!

Nice, David. We tend to get house wrens here, so I’m jealous. Excellent techs and the lack of eye contact doesn’t bother me. It’s nice not to have the bird looking at the camera sometimes.

Very nice David! I kinda like the head position on this one. It looks very intense on finding breakfast. Excellent light and detail, and I really like the background. Well done!