Big Sur slow ocean

Here are two, same location a hundred yards apart, one in December, the other in January, Big Sur coast, California. I never cease to be amazed at the variation of light to be found at a same spot. I think the most important lesson I’ve learned in landscape photography is to “keep going back”. Comments and suggestions welcome.

ISO 1600, 70 mm, f/4, 15 sec
The color was actually this intense. I actually decreased the magenta saturation.

ISO 100, 24 mm, f/8, 8 sec

Tony, you posted these lovely views as a response to the WC topic description. As that description says, they need to be posted to the weekly challenge area (not the topic description), so I’ve moved them, but you need to redo the title.

Both scenes are lovely, with a strong quiet sense of invitation. I love that long leading line of the rippled stream in the second view. It has me wanting to add my own tracks to the sand along it’s side. I too have noticed that the software often adds some (to lots) of magenta to intense sunrise/sunset scenes, making them seem gaudy rather than appropriately colorful.

Both scenes are beautiful, Tony. You are right, keep going back to the scene. Light can really be different each time.

I especially like the first one, Tony. The blurry water is very surreal. Amazing you had to back off the color, as it is intense.