Bishop Creek Aspen Hillside

This is my most enjoyable print from a 2017 Workshop with Jack Graham and Guy Tal. Please Enjoy!

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I like the double layer and the fantastic light, Dick. For some reason, that bare treetop on the left side of the upper grouping keeps grabbing my eye.

Actually, I popped that a little for this post … too much?

Dick, the lighting here is wonderful. It really sets off the groups of trees. I think that bare tree in the upper left is a neat “cookie”…a bit of a surprise and a nice change-of-pace from the glowing, backlit foliage.

Nice light popping on the brilliant trees. I might be inclined to burn the trees top left corner to kind of vignette attention to the center. No other thoughts.

I might have met you on the workshop. I ran into Guy and Jack’s workshop up at Lundy Lake road that year. If you met a guy with a yellow labrador talking to Jack and Guy, that was me.

Missed you. I ws down in the trees across the road … wishing for my float tube and fly rod.

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Dick: I love the challenges and rewards of shooting light like this and think you did really well. Easy to see why it is a favorite. Count me in with the group liking that bare tree in the ULC. If it was closer to the edge it might be a problem but its position works for me. Very nicely done. >=))>