Black Headed Grosbeak (male) & RP

Taken in August. A very cooperative grosbeak. Taken early morning after sunrise but in the shade.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Too much saturation or sharpening?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any pertinent technical details:

Iso-1600, 600 mm, F8, 1250th, D 500, tripod, 75% full frame, fill flash at -1, -0.7 EV, DxO photo lab, Adobe camera raw 12.5, Topaz adjust, TK sharpening action at 5%

I think you nailed the sharpening on this one, David. The plumage looks perfect with plenty of detail, but no signs of oversharpening. Lovely colors, pose and background. If I had to change anything on this image, it might be to go to a vertical crop with maybe a touch more canvas on the top, but it’s a very sweet image as posted.

Excellent detail and colors. I agree with Dennis about more room on top and a more vertical crop to remove the darker green background-it tends to draw my eye and the Grosbeak stands out well against the lighter background. That’s a minor nit as you have a great capture. I’m envious.

I also think you nailed the sharpening and the saturation David, Processing looks really nice to me. I agree this might work better as a vertical. While adding a touch more at top would be ideal (I mean a sliver), I think the space you gave still works. It will look not so top heavy once you change to vertical anyway.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions

For me, the re-post works better. Really an excellent image either way. Might be a winner at NPPNW.

Nailed it, David.

Hi David,

Vertical presentation works very well. I like the colors and BG and overall, a nice photo of a good looking bird…Jim

Hello, David - it looks fine to me and the repost appeals even more. No nits from Holland :wink:. Cheers, Hans