Black-Necked Stilt in Flight

Hi all. Haven’t posted in a while. Work has gotten the best of me lately. Shot this recently.

ISO 400

All C&C welcome.

This is as lovely as it can get from processing and tech perspective, Lyle. My only wish is for the full upward stroke pose, otherwise really no nit. Very well done.

Thanks. @Adhika_Lie. I agree with you about the wing position. I’ll have to go back and look for a full up-stroke. I have some from earlier in the afternoon, but this light was pretty sweet. I’m not sure whether I have a full up position from this late in the day.

Lyle, I completely agree with you about that sweet light. Super super good.

Beautiful light and flight image. Excellent detail in the white plumage and a nice contrast between the coppery and blue wing surfaces. Superb background.

Beautiful, Lyle. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a flight shot of this species. Interesting how that long neck collapses in flight. You have really nice light in this image, particularly on the wings.

It sure is sweet light, making this in flight shot even more special, Lyle.

Good to see you back, Lyle. That’s lots of glass that made for a nice sharp image, clean and simple, and a pleasing incoming flight approach. Since Stilts have such dainty, dark beaks which can easily get lost in the surroundings, I’m wondering how it would look if you bring the exposure up in the BG some, which might allow the tiny beak to stand out a bit more. May not work but just curious.

A lovely mix of colors here, and you did a great job keeping the highlights in check.