Blister Beetle (Mylabris phalerata)

They eat up the flowers, and I dont know what this flower is…but they eat it up all.

Its a hand held shot and wish there was more dof, I was pretty close, and the beetle was moving.

6D2, 180 Macro, 7.1, ISO 800
Balan Vinod

Oh wow, what a pretty colored beetle, Balan. Very nice. I like the slight head turn towards the camera. It looks like you did well with the movement of the beetle. What was your shutter speed? The face and eye, being black, is a bit dark on my screen. Not sure, but you might need to lighten that up a bit. I can’t help you with the name of the flower. Great shot. I just love the red and black on his back.

Balan, the colors in this beetle jump off the screen. The sharpness of the two buds also add well. A bit more detail in the head would be nice in the larger view, but the small size view looks great.

A great looking beetle captured well. Nice composition with sharp flower buds in the foreground and the head turned towards to viewer. Agree with Shirley on blacks, especially on the underside of the bug.