Blue Jay

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Canon 5DS-R at f8, 1600 ISO![054A3257-WM (2)|498x500] f8 at 1600(upload://iIygeRqiVUBlKz9sgV8roampTJo.jpeg)

(If backgrounds have been removed, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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Gorgeous bird and an excellent capture of it, John! I like the back view that shows off the impressive and bold patterns of the wing feathers. The head turn with it looking back at you makes it even better. Well done!

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A lovely photo of the Blue Jay. Photo has a very nice bg, lots of detail and well focused. Good for you.

You really captured a beauty. Its wing patterns contrast with the simple background, and the head turn left is matched by that little twig going out to the right. Serendipity and you were there!!!

Wonderful backwards looking pose and a great background to set it off. Nice perch. The head seems softer than the middle of the body to me.

Thanks to all, I appreciate your helpful comments and suggestions. It might be, the head turns are the result of camera clicks or the focus motor. At any rate, it works.


This is one of your better bird shots and the image has a lot going for it. BG and lighting are ideal and the jay has provided you with a niuce pose. Blue jays are tricky because they are highly intelligent and very skittish. The head is slightly less sharp than the body and you might be able to selectively do some additional sharpening on the head as my only minor nit. Otherwise, Well Done…,.Jim

Thanks Jim, My main focus was the feathers. I will do some selective sharpening on the head. All of these kind helpful comments and suggestions have given me a world of information for improving my art.

The main reply button didn’t work for me, so I am replying here. You have a wonderful detailed image in a great pose. I ditto all the compliments above. I offer two thoughts: could the whites on the bird be reduced a bit? Is there clipping here? The other thought is that after seeing @Keith_Bauer’s article an birds in their environment I wonder if you could have included more of the surrounding scene and still keep the attention on the bird? These are not nits; wonderful capture.

Hi Larry, Made two changes. Made the white less obvious and sharpened the head a bit. Could not include more background because the perch is in the open, because I want to allow the birds to light on a close limb before jumping down to the feeder. The background is a stand of forest at about 500 feet. I, sometimes, add some foliage for close background. Also, the white could be toned down a bit. Thanks.

As good as it gets, the greyish BG makes the birds color come out extremely well ! Nice work ! Cheers, Hans