Boat at sunrise

Last summer, during a walk on the beach i shot this image at sunrise. The fishing boat on the horizon caught my eye and i was attracted by the contrast between light over the horizon and the low clouds. In post process i tried to stand out the subject and increase the contrast in the scene.
What do you think about the image (composition and post process)?

Thank you guys.
ig: masdamb

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Hi Massimo, Looks pretty epic, almost a scene of impending doom. I quite like the concept of the image. Small boat with crazy weather about to take over.

In terms of composition, I think placing the boat closer to the edge of the left frame would have had more of an impact. This would have made it look like the ship was travelling into the ‘unknown’. A sense of mystery I guess. I think having the boat smaller in the scene is great as it makes it feel like nature is bigger than whatever man makes.

The small black wave on the left is a little distracting to me as well as the black water at the bottom of the frame. I love the clouds at the top, but I don’t feel they add to the image. They are quite a striong feature anbd thus takes your eye away from the boat. see my crop suggesting below

I terms of processing, this is quite personal. But I think you have created a sense of drama quite well. If anything you may want to reduce the contrast slightly especially in the water. I may also consider dropping the exposure slightly for the water. It is quite bright in comparison to the sky.

Hope it helps.



@Eugene_Theron thank you for suggests. Really apprecciated

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Nice and dramatic and I like it. The original presentation works better for me. I like the sense of space provided in the full frame. I could see cropping bit off the bottom, but otherwise, I like it as presented.

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Wow @masdamb, this is a very dramatic image. I love your processing of the colors in the sky, the combination of those dark blue clouds and the peach colors near the horizon is stunning. And the virga near the horizon is a really nice small touch too.

I’m kind of with @Eugene_Theron about taking the boat off-center a bit. While the composition of his rework works pretty well, I also like the darker blue clouds that were in the URC of the original presentation, and hate to see them go away. Here is my entry in the game of re-cropping this.

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@Harley_Goldman @Ed_McGuirk thank you for comments and suggests.

Stunning image! Very evocative. I second the suggestions to crop a bit more off the bottom and either clone out or lighten the black wave on the left. Plus darken the highlights in the water a bit. Regarding the suggestion to crop so that the boat is more towards the left, I actually prefer the original.

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Thank you @Tony_Siciliano