Bonaprte's Gull Coming in Hot!

There is a dam a little south of me that has a spillway. In the winter, Bonaparte’s and ring bill gulls congregate and wait to grab stunned fish coming out of the rushing water. I’ve killed a lot of pixels shooting these Bonaparte’s down there! It is tough because the camera’s focus will tend to jump to the bright rock wall across the way. Nikon’s group AF has been a godsend to help with that.

500 f/4 AF-S II +1.4x tc
ISO 400

All feedback welcome.

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I’m not sure if I’ve done something wrong here, but I can’t expand the image when I attempt to click on it?? I have tried uploading it a couple different ways and even tried a couple different photos. Any moderator help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I’m having the same issue with opening larger images, Lyle. Not just yours. There were other system issues for some of us yesterday evening, so I suspect it’s part of the same thing. I’ll put something on site support.

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I fixed it so it will open large again, like Dennis said it’s probably related to the technical snaffu yesterday.

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Sweet, Lyle. Superb detail. I can imagine the AF would have a difficult time picking this out of a light colored background. You caught a great angle here.

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Great. Thanks for the help. Looks like it’s working now. I probably should have added that I kept getting warnings last night that NPN was a phishing site or something. Hopefully it was all part of the same issue. Or perhaps the Russians have taken over.

Cool BG… and nice pose.

Very nice capture and composition, ie placement of bird in frame.

Looks good–whites are exposed perfectly. The BG has some variation, but is soft enough to not be a distraction from the gull. Well done…Jim