Bored with Sorcery (now with repost!)

Repost with Harley’s suggestions - +30 red channel & cloud magically gone! Better?

I hope I’m doing this right. This is for the weekly challenge - COLD.

This is on a freezing January day in 2011. I went hoping for a spectacular sunset, but the clouds didn’t show up, so I found something else - ice! It’s lake Massabesic in Manchester, NH.

I had to put my thumbs in my mouth because I couldn’t feel them to turn on my headlamp for the walk back through the woods to the car. Good times.

Specific Feedback Requested

Does it make you feel cold? Teeth chattering yet? How would you improve this?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Olympus E-30
Zuiko Digital 12-60 mm lens @ 21mm
f7.1, 4 seconds, ISO 100
Ancient Bogen tripod weighing a metric ton

Processed in Lr for lens correction, texture, clarity and a slight crop to remove distractions on the left. NO COLOR grading. Just a tweak in WB to bring up the colors to match reality.

Its definitely all about the ice with a nice color accent in the background! There’s enough interesting details in the ice to make this composition work quite well. Colors seem about right also. A nice shot and appropriate for the challenge, Kristen!

I got a kick out of your description of your tripod also :slight_smile: You should upgrade to a full membership and keep posting. I’d like to see more or your photos and I think you’d enjoy the community here.

Thanks Gary, so far I like it here quite fine. Good folks, great talent. I’m leaning toward a full membership at this point.

Luckily I’ve upgrade my tripod and have joined the ranks of carbon fiber. Phew! Makes my life easier.

This looks nice and cold! A fine looking winter scene. It is strictly a matter of taste, as your processing looks great, but I would consider a boost of the reds a bit and maybe clone out the cloud in the ULC.

It is a good description of your tripod and nothing like a nice CF tripod.

Kristen, welcome to NPN and the weekly challenge. Your post fits very well and is a beauty, I wouldn’t change a thing. The mix of ice in the front, water in the middle and gentle colors in the sky look great and say “cold” well. I carried a Bogen 3020 for many years and we still use it to hold up my wife’s video camera for family gathering photos, which is a hoot since her video camera is tiny.

Ha! Glad you guys can relate to the ancient Bogen. Remember the ads where Peter Bogen would be sitting on one? Funny. When I bought it (late 1980s) I thought it was a good choice, but as I got into hiking it got real old real quick. These days I use if for a spotting scope around the house (once we had a hummingbird nest WAY up high in a tree and that was the only way to see her well).

So I reworked the image with Harley’s tweaks. Thoughts??

Hi Kristen, have to admit I’m still trying to develop my eyes when viewing photos, and I really had to look and compare several times to see the changes in your repost so I do have to agree with the slight improvement overall. I’m kind of a foreground guy when it comes to landscapes and I like what you’ve done here…documenting all the icy imperfections in a typical frozen lake. Aside from that, you have a couple of nice leading lines going from right to upper left that draws my eyes ever further into the scene. Plus, the dominant hue of blue feels very cold indeed. Welcome and well done!