Frigid Fire

I was driving to Anchorage from Valdez (in November of 2010) and the sun started setting as I passed Glenallen. The horizon was low and distant and the cloud layer was very high so the sun was lighting up the bottom of the clouds. I stopped by this frozen, snow covered lake to take a shot of the scene.

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

Any feedback is always appreciated.

Technical Details

Sony DSC-R1, 16.8 mm, ISO-160, f/7.1, 1/60, hand held.

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Perfect title for your image Gary. I often find scenes when I am driving just like you did here. I’ve learned whenever I do see something I have to stop and take the shot or I will regret it later. I love the combination of the warm sky with the cool landscape. Looks like something that might be painted. Removing the one little branch in the foreground is the only suggestion I would make.

Gorgeous!! The treetops appear to be the virtual horizon and I think it should be straightened. If rotation throws off the vertical trees, use distortion. It’s subtle but noticeable.

I’ll leave it to the landscape gurus, but for me there is a bit of a disconnect between the very saturated sky and the subdued land. I wonder if there is a balance worth exploring? I love the hint of color on the frozen lake.