Ice Fog Sunrise

One from my archives. This was taken along the Glen Highway near Eureka Lodge, Alaska in February as the sun rose behind heavy ice fog at ~ -35° F. I stopped, jumped out, shot a couple very fast frames and jumped back in the truck. Still almost froze my fingers and ears!

Sony DSC-R1, 71.5 mm, ISO-160, f/8.0, 1/160, hand held.

Beautiful, Gary. I really like how the glowing fog works with the snow on the trees to give them a bit of glow as well.

Definitely looks cold and snowy, Gary. This is a beauty with the heavily laden trees showing so well and the golden sun peeking through.

Beautiful, Gary. I love the gentle mood and understated colors. You have the perfect image for your Christmas cards! :slight_smile:

Lovely. That frigid climate has it’s own unique beauty. This makes me think of Dr Zhivago.

Oh man, this just looks cold! Really nice image with the fog and ice. I like the placement of the sun.

Lovely light and colors, definitely conveying a freezing cold mood.

This certainly looks cold, Gary. Even so it still is inviting with the sun rising in the fog behind the trees. Glad you were able to get the shot and get back in the truck.