Boring Days Series

No grand views nearby, no snow or ice, just above freezing point temperatures, dull nature and weather. Boring days when it comes to photography. During the last few days I have anyhow brought my camera with me on my midday walks in a nearby suburban park, just to see if there anyhow could be found something to photograph.

I have put together this “Boring Days Series” just to point to the approach to just get out there and try do achieve “something from nothing”, which in fact is very good for your development as a photographer. Hence, being forced to just work with what is available.

There are 7 images in this series, they are neither perfect nor the best images, but I post them anyhow. Any comments on the images are welcome! Also interested in your thoughts on how you find inspiration / images during boring days.

  1. Star

  1. Bark

  1. Candy

  1. Dark & light

  1. Hole-in-one

  1. Leaves

  1. Old leaf

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments are welcome!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Handheld, quick shots!

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Wonderful series, Ola. Thank you so much for sharing them. This series couldn’t have come at a better time for me, as I was feeling the same way. Thanks to you, with renewed enthusiasm I will head out tomorrow morning to see what I can find. I have enjoyed all of the photos but #4 Dark & Light is most definitely my personal favorite.

I don’t have time to study these closely, but I will come back because they’re wonderful. Brava!

These images are anything but boring. Excellent series!!! Dark and Light and Old Leaf are my favorites, but quite an impressive collection from your walks.

Bark is mesmerizing. I keep waiting for a centipede to come wriggling out. Or a wood louse.

Dark and light is such a wonderful arrangement of shapes and textures.

Hole in one - oh moss! I can hardly ever resist it and this image is outstanding.

The whole series is well seen and presented. Not boring at all.

A great series of images Ola, presenting them together in a themed collection adds to my enjoyment of them. Attention to details and observing has certainly created something from nothing here. I like that you chose to portray this with a warm white balance even though it’s a winter themed collection.

My personal favorites are #1, #3, and #5, but they are all interesting.

I guess boring must be a relative term. There is a uniqueness in well-made images like this that another grand landscape can’t match. I think you found some wonderful things to photograph, and black and white could potentially take several of them to another level, e.g. Old leaf, Dark & light, Bark, and Star.

I laughed at the “Boring Day Series” title. Your series just goes to prove there is beauty everywhere.

@_Kris , @Harley_Goldman , @Ed_McGuirk , @linda_mellor , @John_Williams and @Tony_Kuyper thanks for taking your time looking at at my photos, and thanks for your very kind comments.

@linda_mellor I am glad that I have inspired you, and I am looking forward for your upcoming posts.

@Ed_McGuirk, I used the same set of first post-processing adjustments (i.e. saved “template” in the software I use) for all of the imagers, to get a similar touch for all of the images in the series.

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Nice series Ola, just shows that we can always find new perspectives, and ways to be creative. I am interested in the same type of photography (small - intimate scenes), so really enjoyed this one. Your collection is nice as each image is a natural progression from the previous one… and takes us on a small journey on you little corner of the earth :slight_smile: … I might create such a series myself to share with the community here. Well done, kudos :clap:

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@Nikos , thanks for your kind and supportive response. I am looking forward to your future posts.

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Dark and Light may be my favorite. How would it look if you made it a horizontal by rotating it counter clockwise?