The shape of this leaf and its shadow created a play of curves and diagonals that I liked. The drop was expanding.

Specific Feedback Requested

Is it an attractive image that invites to contemplation?

Technical Details

Nikon Z7
105 mm
1/1250 s
ISO 400


Hi Marie – In terms of the theme of this critique, I am not sure I would consider this an abstract since I think the subject is clear but I do appreciate some of the abstract qualities you used in creating the composition, especially the lovely curving line through the frame. For my own portfolio, I would consider a photo like this to be more of a plant portrait, although the distinctions do not matter that much in the end. I think the processing looks nice overall, with the water and leaf taking on a pretty silvery tone. You could consider a much tighter crop that focuses more on the water droplets and still includes the nice curve. I have shared an example of a possible crop below. By getting in closer, we are able to see more of the lovely details in the water drop and appreciate the texture in the leaf itself.

Completely agree. Thank you for this feedback!

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