Specific Feedback Requested

Is the subject too easily identifiable for this image to be considered abstract?

Technical Details


I think it qualifies as abstract. I can tell it’s nature, but what kind is difficult to make out. The colors flow well in the photo. Very cool!

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Hi Alan - I would definitely consider this an abstract since I do not know what the subject is. I am guessing some kind of flower but it could also be a plant, leaves, grasses - all sorts of things! The colors and shapes are fun, although I might desaturate the colors overall, especially the greens (for example, the thick yellow line on the upper left - the transition from yellow to green seems pretty strongly saturated to me and it thus draws my attention more than you might want it to).

In terms of critique, the bottom right corner feels a bit too empty for me. You could consider brightening it to bring out some of the detail in the subject down there to add a bit of compositional balance. Or, if you were going to work with this subject or a similar one again, you could consider eliminating the empty bottom and work on filling the frame with the repetition of the yellow shapes, green areas, and brighter spots .

Will you share what the subject is? I am curious if it is a plant!

Thanks Cameron!

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for taking time to review this image and give honest and constructive feedback. I thought the image looked a bit flat , so decided to boost the contrast and saturation, probably a tad too much. I agree that the bottom half could do with more detail.

Since you asked, this image is of the leaves of a succulent.

Kind regards


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