Specific Feedback Requested

Wondering if this image is too simple to be intriguing or even interesting.

Technical Details


Hi Alan – Yes, I think this is great! I would be happy to have something like this in my portfolio. I also have no idea what I am looking at, which I appreciate. Since you said shimmer, I am assuming that means water sparkles or something similar. You could consider a crop off the bottom, although I think the full version you shared works nicely, too. I also think you could clean up a few speckles in the main dark channel to make it feel just a bit more graphic. I think this could also work flipped horizontally, as that flow works nicely, too. Otherwise, I think this works really well as an abstract photo.

Thank you for sharing this photo for my guest critique!

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Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. It has been such a privilege to have you critique our photos.

Kind regards,
Alan Coligado

Impressionistic, stylized, abstract, alternating motion and stillness… I find it both intriguing and interesting.

And beautiful!

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Thank you, Laura - much appreciated!