Honeycomb tide

I posted this image almost two months ago and thought this would be a good opportunity to post again but without explaining how I made the photograph. Instead, for this critique I will say that I started the day in one location and was not feeling particularly inspired. After dropping off my son at a friend’s house I was near the location where this image was taken so I decided to check it out. I quickly found myself engaged and this was the result.

Specific Feedback Requested

I find myself drawn to images with abstract qualities but am still very much learning how to create ones that I am satisfied with. I would delighted to get any kind of feedback.

Technical Details


Hi Dean – For just getting started with abstracts, you are doing a great job. I think the subject, framing, and crop all work well. I only have two minor pieces of feedback. First, if there is detail in the shadows in your file, you could consider bringing them up a bit. A few of the darker pockets on the right side especially feel too dark. It looks a little like you added an aggressive levels adjustment or used the blacks slider pretty heavily. I think a little gentler hand might allow some of the details in the shadows to shine through.

Second, you could consider cleaning up some of the distracting details on the surface of the water and the bright spots along the edges. There are a few spots where a really bright ripple is right on the edge of the frame. I would either clone or darken those so that most of the visual interest and brighter tones are in the center. And one other tiny thing… I like the flow of the frame better with a horizontal flip. Otherwise, this is quite lovely!

Thank so much @Sarah_Marino. I appreciate the suggestions and will try them out. I had not even considered flipping the image, but especially with an abstract why not?