Brandt's Cormorant

Another shot from Southern California. This is full frame. Probably taken from less than 12 feet away.

Specific Feedback Requested

Maybe it is cropped too tight but it may work as presented

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 640, 400+ 2X, F6 .3, 2500th, handheld, full frame

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An excellent portrait, David. I love Cormorant eyes and you really did a sweet job on this one. I do think maybe just a touch more room on the three free sides, but not much.

Spectacular, David. Are those cloud reflections in the Cormorants’ eyes? Very nicely captured.

Normally I am not a huge fan of these ‘head’ shots, but in this I really love it ! What a nice detail and colors ! I have only seen them from such a distance that the colors were not visible, most likely I saw them too late in the season as well. Anyway, great job ! Cheers, Hans

Excellent portrait. That blue eye is really something. Great detail and the open beak is a nice bonus.

David, what a nice portrait of this beautiful Cormorant. The eyes are beautiful. I like that you caught him with his beak open. The background is nice and smooth. Wonderful details.

Looks goods David. You probably could have stopped down more to get the back edge of the bird as well. But , there are more things to like about this one. The eye, bill, and gular area are very awesome. Colors are exceptional as well. Well done…Jim

Gorgeous portrait. That blue eye is so striking. I think Dennis makes a good suggestion with a bit more room around the bird. I also think this one could use a curves adjustment and a touch of sharpening. What do you think of the below?

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It does seem to pop a little more…