Breaking through (ice #4)

Recently, since it had been a cold night, I went to a pond located in a park near my home, to take ice images. Unfortunately, the ice was grey and muddy and sprinkled with snow. To me, not very good conditions. However, I walked around this pond for almost two hours to anyhow try to find some photographs to take. I have put these images into a series of four images. This is the last one.

To me it looks like the leaves gathered under the ice are trying to break free up through the ice cover.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments are welcome!

Technical Details

1/60, f/ 8, ISO 400, 43 mm (86 mm equiv.), Olympus OM-D E-M1X, hand held


Ola, again a special image and of course a wonderful idea !

It looks like your perseverance paid off, Ola. Love how the composition natural form itself and how this one leaf is the only one completely exposed. For me, it is a reminder how, when left alone, nature does an amazing job of revealing itself. This is absolutely beautiful.

A stunning image, Ola. This really works so well. Also, well done on the entire series.


Dang, this is REALLY good. I personally wouldn’t change anything.

Clearly I need to find a pond. This is smashing (see what I did there? lol) as are the rest. There is a particular energetic feeling despite the obvious frozen state of everything. I see what you were going for with the idea that the leaves are trying to escape. My hat is off!

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Ola, the branches of the thinner ice with the leaf at their center makes a great shape study. The hints of leaves showing through and the frozen crystals on the top work well at creating a nicely dynamic view.

Beautiful image Ola! I really like your composition here and the white specs really add to the image.

What a wonderful find (after two hours!). The cracks remind me of branches, a wonderful compliment to the leaf.

@Ben_van_der_Sande, @Tom_Nevesely, @Kris_Smith, @David_Bostock, @DeanRoyer, @Mark_Seaver, @Matt_Payne and @linda_mellor thanks for your kind comments.