Broken down tree in fog

I shot this image this morning with a decent amount of fog coming through the area. I had the day off from work and knew i must take advantage of the opportunity! So, I went to this area that I had recently scouted out and snapped this image of a tree that had grown in a bizarre way. I like how it seems to work well with the background shapes in the forest and the scene worked well enough for me!

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What are your thoughts on the composition given the tree being broken in such a way. I see it as creating triangles in the image while also bringing interest, but I would like to hear more input!

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

I process fairly neutral with the Fuji colors bringing a nice mood to the scene. I almost never feel a need to go much further with my woodland scenes. I would be interested in knowing if this approach works for others in the group as well.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Single image with processing in Lightroom.

This works for me. It has a great Lord of the Rings feel to it.

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Love this! Great mood and atmosphere with the fog. But it’s the character of both these two trees that makes this one for me. In fact, I would say they are a pair - a pair of dancers. I would go so far as to call this, “The bow and curtsy…” This is excellent and a great find and capture; even the muted colors go along well.


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Works for me too! The special shape catches the eye, and due to the brighter branches it is nicely separated from the bg. The second tree has a fitting shape, ‘bending’ a bit over the triangular one!

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Works for me. Those trees are very interesting and the fog makes for some nice separation of the elements. I might be inclined to darken the URC and the LRC a little since the eye is drawn to those lighter areas. Excellent image.

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I like that idea for a title! Thank You :slight_smile:

The relationship between the two trees is so strong that, for me, it’s no longer the literal scene but the social interaction of 2 living subjects. I see it as one bowing and the other lecturing, but there are numerous interpretations. This added dimension to a woodland scene makes it stronger imo.

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