Bruce Percy Learning Materials

Hello, I’m wondering if anyone has purchased any of Bruce Percy’s learning materials and if you have found them useful! I picked up one as a bit of a trial run but wanted to hear if others had experience. I chose the Tonal Relationships ebook.

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Hi David
I hadn’t read any of his work. Thanks to the link you provided I became intrigued, so I too have now purchased the Tonal Relationships e-book (part 1). I have to say that already, having read just a few pages, I’m learning and realizing a lot.
I’ve always been a little unclear about discussions of tones for images posted here on NPN. I sort of understood luminosity values (bright and dark), but the idea of relationships between tones that Bruce discusses right in the beginning of the book is really helpful.
I’m sure here’s lots of good material about this topic from others. This is easy to read with good photographic examples. So I’d say this is a nice addition to what others have done. Thumbs up from me.
Thanks for posting!

Glad it’s helping someone else! He has some videos as well, they are much more expensive though. I picked this one to see how I like it and then maybe ask for a few more for Christmas from people who may not have other ideas. I’ve briefly looked it over and looks useful. A little short for the cost but not crazy.

I have several of his ebooks and videos. I don’t think there is anyone else out there producing images like his. I wish I could visualize a minimalist image the way he does. Definitely put it on your Christmas list. And it is less expensive than going to the Bolivia Anitplano with him :slight_smile:

@Craig_Marvil so true on the cost! One of my thoughts as I was looking over some of the resources is just how well doe the ideas translate to non minimalist images. Because you are right, the way he shoots is so unique. Probably one of those books I gather ideas from but cant necessarily use it to “revolutionize” my process etc.

Mark, How big is this book (number of pages)? Are all the pages shown in his link to this book.

Curious to know that same question Igor asked.

There is one that caught my attention, but my grammar nerd bristled at some of the errors in the blog posts so I wonder if he had a better editor for the books. The photos are stunning though and he seems technically knowledgeable as well as having an artistic presentation that appears distinctive.

@Igor_Doncov , it is 41 pages. Short, but I found it very interesting.

It’s funny, that book and a talk I watched of his last night are the reason I darkened down the rock in the LLC of my most recent image posted. He talked about a peripheral test where you look at the center of the image or the subject and see what draws your eyes away from that. In this case the brightness of the rock was standing out so I tried to make it blend more with the water.

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@davewallace , His thoughts on the relationship between elements in an image based on their their tones, and whether we decide to strengthen or weaken those relationships, is something I hadn’t heard or considered before. I’m glad you put the ideas into use!!!

His compositions are superb. I would love to do that workshop on the altiplano. I had many years go been to Lake Titicaca and was impressed even back then. The natives chew on coca leaves to deal with the thin air. The buses carry an oxygen tank for passenger who get sick up there.

@Igor_Doncov It was really interesting to hear him talk about composition similar idea but instead of “remove distractions” he said he starts with as little as possible and only adds what is needed. Seems like a minor, but important shift. In open landscapes like that I get it, wonder how that would work in my local forests…macro only! :rofl:

But yes, the locations look stunning.

Bruce Percy is @Alister_Benn’s favorite photography. I thought this interview was excellent as it covers much about how and why he makes his images. Enjoy.