Building our nest

What technical feedback would you like if any?

any and all.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

any and all

Any pertinent technical details:

6.3 1/400 1600 iso 600 mm

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Beautiful frame, like their breeding plumage !
Shifted it here from the ‘Wildlife Critiques’.

Great story telling image of the blue herons. The wing position of the one carrying the nest material almost encircles and protects the one in the nest. The ruffled breast feathers add to the image as well. No nits or suggestions from me.

Welcome to NPN. A very nice shot. The branch in the mouth helps tell the story. Good detail and colors. Maybe try removing the light circles in the left upper corner.

This is nice. I like the composition. There’s good feather detail and position of the birds. Nice to catch one bringing something besides a bare stick. Good separation from the background. Welcome to NPN!

Welcome to NPN and the Avian Forum, Frank. This is a great place to learn and interact with your fellow photographers.

This is an excellent image, with both birds in nice focus, a very pleasing composition and a nice vertical angle which is usually very difficult to get for a heron’s nest. I’m used to rookeries in the tops of tall trees around here, though I have seen some nice low ones in Florida and Texas. I also like that the nest is so green-much nicer tat the pile of bare sticks we usually see in the Pacific Northwest.

If you’re using PhotoShop for processing or something else with a patch or clone tool, you might consider removing the specular highlights in the upper left corner as they tend to draw my eye to that area a bit.

Excellent work.

Fine contrasting poses from both herons. Well composed, and colors and techs look very good. The twig in the male’s beak make this stand out.

Fine image!
The positions of the birds are perfect oppposites, and the behavior and BG are really nice.
It would be interesting to have a little background on the image - camera specs, location, anything unusal, whatever you’d care to share. GBH’s often nest at the top of tall trees at a poor camera angle, so this is an unusual perspective that’s excellent.

Very nice timing and capture of this pair, Frank, and your exposure looks fine for soft light. The environment and perch remind me of Venice Rookery (always an avian crowd there). Having the wingspread and nest material are real bonuses.