Canada Goose Abstract

I found this Canada Goose last year and the water around the bird looked like a great abstract. The head in the water and the reflections made it a favorite from that day for me. I generally pass on this bird but I thought the water around it made it stand out. Too busy ??

Nikon D500 Nikon 200-400 ISO 560 F8 1/500th

Comments and critiques appreciated.

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Andrew, the light is already a little harsh for my taste given the shadow cast by the head on the neck but I agree with you, the water is definitely a very nice touch. The alternating pattern between blue and brown is very nice but again I am partial to that color combination. I am a little hesitant about the reeds on the URC but the small one on the goose’s 11 o’clock could go.

The shadow doesn’t bother me, Andrew, and I love the pose. As you noted, the water is gorgeous and I like the way the one reflection crosses the goose’s head. After reading Adhika’s comment, I’ve spent some time looking at the reeds, and I find that I like them. Even that little one isn’t particularly distracting and seems to add a nice touch to the image. I like this one a lot.

I am quite enjoying this image with respect to the water patterns and the color of the goose breaking up the pattern. If it were mine I would move the goose at a 45° angle a little to the right upper corner in a rule of thirds composition, thus decentering the goose. That would lessen the impact of the reeds in the upper right corner.

I really like the texture and lines in the water and how the color of the water seems to blend with the goose. I like the pose and reflection. I think the reeds add to the abstract nature of the image and gives some balance to the goose, though I agree with David about trying to de-center the goose a bit.