I generally do not photograph Canada Geese but the back lighting was so good I gave it a try. I did not want to put too much light on the head facing the camera to make it look real. The water droplets being hit by the early morning light looked good to me

Specific Feedback Requested

Overall thoughts on the image please

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D500 Nikon 200-500. F8, 1/1000 and ISO 2500. DXO for NR only

I think you really got a nice angle, good light and the water draining from the beak. While I am also less of a fan of Canada geese, this is a good image.

Nice and really good job getting the water drops falling in same curve as neck of the goose. Perhaps a bit tight on bottom. The backlighting looks good.

Nice backlit shot - the reflected water drops and neck of the bird all work to make a compelling image.

A very nice backlit image with a good composition, Andrew. It may just be me, but it looks as if the focus was on the body and the head seems just a touch soft, but it’s only noticeable when pixel peeping.