Canada Goose in Flight

This is full APC frame. The only bird that came relatively close to me yesterday. Timing was a bit of luck.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

one of 3 frames I shot. Probably would have been able to get tail in regular full frame


Pertinent technical details or techniques: iso 12,800, 100-400 plus 1.4X at 560mm, f8, 5000th, full APC (26 MP) frame, handheld.

(If backgrounds have been removed, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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I wonder why this bird does not load up. I don’t see anything of the bird other than a bit of thumbnail and CG-IF-copy.

Looks like a nice action shot.


It loads up for me with out problems

Well, I wish it had chosen to be just a bit further away, but what you have of him is awesome. The detail is utterly incredible for that iso. This is worth it just for the tongue and wing position. I do think I’d play with a bit of a crop from the right, perhaps to just in front of the visible foot to make it look less like a miss and more intentional.

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Dandy shot. I really like all the detail. Quite surprising DoF considering you must have been fairly close to bird.
I could see that crop mostly coming up from lower right.
Cameras these days are so amazing. It was not that long ago people complained about 800 ISO.

The trick in reducing noise at high iso is spot on exposure. If one has the correct exposure, using digital noise removal becomes much easier…

Hi David
This is great detail, action and low noise for 12,800 iso. What camera were you using? Is this a full frame camera at 26 PM or cropped down to 26 PM?

Sony A7R4. Which is 61 mp full and 26 mp in APC mode. The whole bird would have fit in full mode which is 560 mm as opposed to 820 mm in APC mode

Wow. What a great close-up of a bird in flight. The detail is excellent and the tongue protruding is a nice bonus. Like the golden water. Too bad about the tail end not being present, but can’t have everything. Great shot!
Did this shot require exposure compensation?

I have been shooting in manual with auto iso. In this case, I set the shutter speed to 5000 and with the extender the widest aperture is f8. The auto iso does the rest; in this case, 12800. At the high shutter speed, even in full sun, the lowest iso was 1250. I set the shutter speed at 5000 because I was trying to get Buffleheads in flight. Even at 5000th, many of those shots I got had enough blur that I would not post them. They were farther away than this goose. And with the goose the luck factor contributed

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Love the wings David. Also the story in its beak. As much as the full bird would probably be better, the crop this way also works
One thing though - wish the head was turned more towards you - but that’s nature for you

Every May, my neighbor has about 50 Canada Geese in his yard. The adults do fly in and out but I have never seen one fly with a turned head. I agree that a head turned in my direction would improve the image. But from my observation this must be a rare occurrence.

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