Canon roll-over file numbering on R5

Ok I just shot my 9999 still on the R5 and Canon started a new folder on the same SD card at 0001.
What happens when I start running into older photograph taken on the R5 with the same file number?? I keep photo folders by bird groups Egrets, Osprey…

I have Lightroom add the date to the file name on import to avoid this issue. You can still do this after the fact as well using the rename tool.

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I do something similar to @David_Kingham on import. My wife and I used to do wedding photography (hated it). Anyway, when I imported our images from different cameras I had LR rename the image with the date and time taken prepended to the file name. This way, I could sort the image from both cameras and have a relatively good sequence, time wise. I still do that with my images, imported as YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS_filename…works quite well for me…


I use BRU (Bulk Renaming Utility)

I have 3 different camera models and prefer continuous numbering for each model. They have all rolled over the 10K mark. BRU is fast once you get it figured out. You can save presets so you don’t have to re-enter settings each time.

The screenshot shows the settings for my 5DMKII. Only 2 settings need to be chnged, highlighted in orange by the programs.

I know LR has something for renumbering but when I tried it years ago it wouldn’t do what I needed so I went with this.