Canon R5 set up for birding

My Canon R5 setup for birds.
All of this information came from Whistling Winds Photography and Tony & Chelsea Northrup.
I would like to know who other member have set up the R5 and what they think of this set up.
Image quality - Craw
ISO speed setting - Auto
White balance - AWB
Color space - Adobe RGB
Shutter mde - Mechanical
Expo. Simulation - Enable

AF operation - Servo AF
AF method - AF( ) Zone
Subject to detect - Animals
Continuous AF - Disable
Case 2 - Continue to track subject, ignoring possible obstacles,
Tracking sensitivity - -1
Accel./decel. Tracking - +1
One-shot priority - Focus
Switching tracking subject - 0
Lens drive when AF impossible - On
Limit AF methods - Face + Tracking
AF method selection control- M-FN button
Initial servo AF pt for face - spot

Power saving - off
Eco mode - On

Custom shooting mode - ?

Customize buttons
Shutter button, half press - Meter only
AF_ON button - Meter & AF start
AF point button - Register/recall shooting function

Only time for a couple of quick comments, of which you are probably long since aware:

Auto ISO is just another auto exposure mode, and full M is often better. Probably a good starting point as it is easy to switch.

I also use back button focus with face tracking my first choice, but with a busy BG it can fail to find the subject. So I cover that by having the * button set to face tracking and the AF-ON button to single point, so I can quickly get the focus where I want it and then can go back to the * button and it will usually stay on the face (or something close to one).

I have a custom shooting mode set for birds in flight – fast ss, exposure comp 1-2 stops over assuming it’s probably a clear sky BG, high ISO assuming a clear sky. That gets me close enough for quick adjustments as needed.

Looking forward to lots of good info here as I have felt I was guessing at a lot of the settings.

Hi Peter,

I got so tired of some of the local bird photographers that people were walking away when they saw me coming, so have not done any birds for a while. But here are my thoughts.
You may also want to check out videos by Glenn Bartley and/or Jan Wegener. Both are excellent bird photographers.
I also use Craw with no problem. I don’t use Auto ISO.
Everything else looks pretty typical I think.
Which Case to use for focusing, changes depending on situation and I have not really found one that works best.
The camera has so many properties and offers lots of options for assigning buttons and wheels to control things and that can take a while to sort out.
I have the AFON button set for BBF. I also have set the * button to Eye Focus and tracking Mode just like Diane. That seems an easy switch back and forth with a slight movement of thumb. I also have the M-Fn button set to switch between One-Shot AF and Servo Af
Then it is just getting used to the camera and adding a few adjustments. For example I use the SET button to let me adjust shooting speeds.
I have not set up any Custom Shootings Modes but probably a good idea.

I also suggest you keep the camera software up to date. There have been some issues but I think software updates have solved them.

Good Luck.

With BBF I haven’t found a situation where I need to switch between One Shot and Servo – I’m always in Servo and after I’ve set the focus I just get off the BBF button and I’m locked on and free to recompose just like with One Shot. (OK – there is that little nuisance issue with muscle memory…)

Thank you for the comments. Here is a lens comparison.
Canon 100-500mm & 1.4x at F10, 700mm, 1/2000, -1.7EV, ISO 1600.

Sigma 150-600mm, F7.1, 600mm, 1/1600, -.7EV, ISO 250.

I am have a hard time Spending $2,700 for the Canon lens & $500 on the 1.4x??
Sigma tells me their 1.4x is better than Canon’s, I will have to rent one to find out.