Should you buy a Canon R5 & Canon 100-500mm with a 1.4ext?

This is the end product of a photo I shot from the Glastonbury Boat Dock. The photo is cropped by 66% 2810 down form 8192 and the Eagle is 10% of the full frame 811 of 8192. The full frame looks like this.

The shot is hand held and the setting were f10, 700mm, 1/1600, -.3EV, ISO 5,000, Servo AF center box focus. The first step was to set the crop and adjust the highlights, midtones contrast and micro contrast. I used two local control points to adjust the whites and blacks on the Eagle and a local control brush to soften the trees. Then I set the noise reduction to DeepPRIME in DXO Photo Lab 5 and sent a TIFF file to Topaz Sharpen AI, there I use a brush to sharpen the Eagle. For some reason the beak still came out soft.
I could not have taken this photograph with my 7Dll and Sigma 100-600mm lens and the ISO set to 5,000.
So to answer my own question, I think the money was well spent. What do you think?

I do!! I love mine! What’s not to like about almost 45 MP with a super sharp lens that remains excellent with the 2X. Great stabilization, three shutter modes and focus stacking. Mine lives with the 2X glued on and if there isn’t too much movement I can crop to 10% of the original frame.

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