Capture One Pro 22 - latest upgrade (15.3.0) full of bugs - DO NOT UPGRADE

I downloaded the newest “upgrade” to Capture One Pro 22 (version 15.3.0) and have found it’s full of bugs. Very frustrating. I use a PC w/ Windows 10 Pro. I went on to their website and see others complaining of the same thing so you may want to wait until they get things figured out and repaired. Hopefully, that will be soon.

Good to know thank you for posting. Whenever anything new comes out like this there are always several bugs to workout. In time they will get them figured out. Capture One is a good company, they won’t let it linger

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Yeah, I’m sure they will, but it’s frustrating in the meantime. I’ve used C1 since version 3 and I’ve never seen a mid-version upgrade have this many problems. Found a new bug last night when trying to stitch a pano; it kept crashing each time I tried. Grrrrr… Photoshop successfully got the stitch done, but still wasted a lot if time. The fix may take a while simply because there were so many different bugs. I’m really surprised they allowed this upgrade to hit the market with this many holes in it.

I assume you have opened a support case with Capture One for the bugs you are finding. I participated in testing this version and have found it to be pretty solid. I run it on macOS 12.4 on a 2017 iMac and 2019 MacBook Pro (Intel).

One very significant change in this version is migrating from OpenCL to METAL for hardware acceleration on mac Intel systems. On my systems this has improved performance.

I have seen reports of issues for Windows users. I think macOS is the stronger platform for Capture One development. The hardware and operating system are much more controlled and well defined. Windows has such an enormously large diversity of hardware and video card choices that it can be a challenge for any company.

Again, hope you all have opened support cases for your issues. They can’t fix what they don’t hear about through support cases.

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Honestly, I don’t know if I have or not. After a crash, a little note pops up asking what I was doing when it crashed and I fill that out and send it. Other than that, I haven’t contacted them. Do you know if doing that opens a support case?

Hi Bill. That does not open a support case. Use this link to submit an official support case.

Excellent. Thanks so much!

Like @Walter_Rowe, I am on a Mac (iMac 2020 Intel) and have not had the problems you’ve had Bill. So sorry to hear that. The only thing I’ve found is that for some reason the crop tool defaults to Original rather than Unconstrained. I’ve heard they’re fixing that…

I hope things get ironed out soon, Bill.

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Thanks to the link Walter included with his post I opened a support case. Hopefully, a fix will be happening soon.

One question ( to you, Walter, and David) - Both you and Walter are on Mac’s. Don’t know about David.
One issue I’m having is minor, but it’s an irritant. I haven’t seen it mentioned in the 15.3.0 notes or in the C1 forums. After hitting “P” to engage the loupe, it works fine on the image in the view panel but doesn’t work when I move it over to the Browser to compare details in similar images there vs the view panel. It has always worked before on the Browser, but not now. Do you have this problem? I can’t figure out if it’s a bug or if they just deleted that function for some strange reason.

I’ve never used the loupe this way so I can’t say.

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@Bill_Chambers the Loupe works in both the viewer and browser for me…again on a Mac…

Thanks David. Good to know. Hopefully, they will fix that for Windows. It’s a minor bug, but that’s a feature I use a good bit.

@Bill_Chambers, Capture One just released a bug fix version for Mac and Windows. Hopefully this will solve your issues.