Cascade and Stone

I am on the fence here: Cropped, or Full Frame?

In the upper, cropped version, I did burn down the rock on the left. The un-cropped version was untouched.

Curious as to which version you prefer, and any comments you may have.

Nikon D-7100
Nikkor 70-200

As always, your thoughts are appreciated. :smile:

Cropped for me. It eliminates the distracting (for me) lower left corner area.

I like the cropped as well.

Oh definitely the cropped version, Preston. Nicely seen!

Definitely cropped for me.

Hey Preston,

The cropped version by a hair. I think the comp is simplified and more concise. I know it’s not true, but it looks to me like the water in the cropped version has more sparkle too! :slight_smile:

Again your processing and shutter speed work perfectly. I really have no nits. I know you’re not asking, but I prefer the more intimate previous post. This one is a bit more “conventional.” Not a bad thing, just less creative. Beautifully captured and executed.


Preston, a wonderful small cascade here. I guess I’m odd person out here on this one. I like the second or full frame better. Not sure why exactly as it is just an “eye” catcher thing for me. Odd how things change our thought processes with just a slight change in perspective, color, or brightness. Both work very nicely, but I’ll stand on my first choice of the full frame…:+1:

Cropped for me too. It has a more powerful feel to it.