Cassiopeia Widefield

NGC 7635, the Bubble nebula is center left adjacent to the Messier 52 star cluster .
The rest of the image are giant Gas clouds. The “bubble” which looks tiny is 7 light years across or about 7000 times the size of our solar system.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments appreciated.

Technical Details

Imaged over 3 nights (8 hours total) in my back yard in Portland Oregon with a Williams 71 scope and an asi294 color camera.
EQM mount and Radian Triad filter.
Stack in Astropixel, PP in Pixinsight, Capture, Affinity and Photoshop.

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Another beautiful image, Dan! The Bubble nebula is pretty cool. It seems as if it has boiled up out of that fiery inferno. I like all the background stats too.
How many images comprise the 8 hour total time? Impressive stacking by that software.

Stunning photo Dan. I think what I like most about it is the subtle dust clouds that surround the main nebulas. You work has really got me excited to explore this genre.

Thanks Mark,
48-10 minute image stack. 10 minutes is kind of a sweet spot for me. I use a 120mm guide scope to micro manage the mount so I could shoot as long as is practical. I have shot as long as 20 minute exposures with sharp stars except you risk Elon Musk satellites messing with 20 minutes of time or other issues that pop up so 5-10 minute except for a few bright objects is the standard.
Long exposures stack fast also. Only 48 images to stack is 8 hours.

Fascinating structure here with great detail. The color is bold but doesn’t appear overdone. I always have to chuckle at what astronomers consider a wide field. Satellites and airplanes are an increasing frustration.