Just wondering if there should be another category for nature-other or some other category to capture something not covered in the other categories?
I’m not sure if anyone else has questioned which category to post photos in, but sometimes I’ve felt like some photos don’t actually meet the description.
For example, my lion’s mane jellyfish triptych I originally posted under wildlife as I felt that matched best, but it was then moved to macro/close-up which it definitely is not!
Is wildlife only meant for mammals, just want to make sure I am posting in the correct place.

The definition of wildlife is “living things and especially mammals, birds, and fishes that are neither human nor domesticated” so I think you had the correct category, but I can see where @JRajput got confused since we don’t see many of these type of images. I’m going to move this back to Wildlife Jagdeep, no problem! And no need for new categories.


Thanks for the clarification David!


Thank you @David_Kingham I did get confused, although I googled Jellyfish.