Central California wildflowers

Southern Central Valley, California, just at the beginning of the foothills, March 17, 2010

All comments welcome

A fine looking oak and patch of flowers. I know the grass is spring green, but it looks a bit electric to my eye.

The bands of color look very good here, Tony. The tree works well centered. There’s a fine sense of spring with glowing backlit colors. I agree with Harley that the greens look a bit electric.

I think you are both correct about the electric green. This is another example for me of how emotional attachment to a photo can blind me. This is an old photo, taken and edited ten years ago on a very magical photo trip, and I just now I didn’t notice how oversaturated it is.

Lovely, Tony. I really like the layers of color and the faint hints of many more in all that green. Beautiful.

I am enjoying those bands of color along with the way they direct me to that stately looking oak.

Tony, this reminds me so much of the Tehachapi mountains. I agree with some of the others that the greens are a little bit “electric” but it doesn’t detract from an inviting scene. Love carpet of wildflowers in the lower half of the image adds a really pleasing touch. I can see why you are emotionally attached to this image. Well seen and captured.