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I think I was on my way back from somewhere for some fall photography or else I was just tooling around back roads (pretty much all of them up this way), when I saw this barn and field. I headed for a cross street, hoping I’d find something to put in the foreground. What do you know - a pond! Well more like a swollen little brook feeding into a culvert, but you take what the universe gives you. It was about 2pm and as you can see, not exactly subtle light, but I like it for its cheerfulness. As far as I know the farm is a working one. It’s a prairie-style barn, something fairly rare here, but more common as you head west.

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Is this a composite? No

Handheld in the ditch…sigh…the usual thing for me with this kind of shot.


Lr processed for general things like the crop, some color management for better separation and a bit of white balance & lens correction. Ps for a little debris clean up in the water and Topaz Sharpen to spiff things up a little.

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It does look like a beautiful day, Kris. Love the reflections of the clouds in the brook. No nits from me. I believe you have captured the “cheerfulness” very well.

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I thought I responded here – forgot to hit Send again?? The scene is lovely, with the river/pond pointing the way into the BG. barn does look like the ones out west. Lovely mix of trees in color, bare and green. The clouds are a grace note, as is their reflection.

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Thanks @Diane_Miller & @linda_mellor - barns like this one are few and far between over this way. We have tall very rounded barns - many roofs are completely curved from the peak to the bottom edges. I got lucky with the clouds and the water reflection. Probably would never have bothered if I didn’t find a foreground element.

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If this is north-central WI, I blew through there some years ago and was going absolutely nuts at some of the farms and barns I saw, without time to explore back roads or hardy even stop. Our younger daughter had just finished a summer internship in Princeton, NJ and I flew back to drive with her back to Minneapolis. We did the scenic route up the upper peninsula but it was a hurried trip because she had classes starting soon. Our one luxury for time was trying to find the grave of an ancestor at a Revolutionary War cemetery in eastern OH, at which we failed – the tombstones were too weathered to be read and the office was closed.

Yeah this is probably Price county which is north-central over the the west of midline. The barns can be pretty interesting. Maybe I’ll put up a thread just for you!

The UP should be Wisconsin since it’s attached to us, but it’s Michigan, go figure. To get to there from the TC you have to pass through Northern WI and by about a million lakes. There are worse things you could do. Sorry about not finding the gravestone. I shot all the time in New England cemeteries and there is a whole website dedicated to documenting stones and inscriptions for people doing family research. It was a great resource to find cool family cemeteries that have been ignored for decades and sometimes centuries. I could do a whole thread on just cemeteries, too. But here they are boring and modern so barns and abandonment have taken their place.

As is typical of midday, the blues show very well here, Kris. They are set off nicely by the fall grasses and scattering fall colors in the leaves.