Clamshell Cove Basalt

Clamshell and Clifftop

Isle of Staffa, By Mull, Scotland.

This bizarre formation of basalt is at a place called Clamshell Cove and is one side of a giant scallop shaped scoop that displays its curvaceous hexagonal cross sectional columns. I found it absolutely fascinating and I decided to add both a fringe of golden grass on the cliff top and the rather more normal midground section of lichen covered rock that is more normally found on the Scottish coast.

Oops forgot to crop the top.

Fuji GFX50S, 100-200 zoom, Focus stack.


This is pretty cool phenomena. From the thumbnail I thought I was looking a star trails. Then later I thought it was a pipe, a la James Bond in Goldfinger. It’s amazing how these columns bent like that. I don’t think the grass works on the bottom but cropping it doesn’t make it better. I think the side perspective contrasted with the fg adds interest.

This rock formation is absolutely amazing! I do not mind the grass but wish it had cooler tone. Its hue does not go well with the rest of image.

Your fascination with this scene comes across nicely. If you reduce the impact of the grass by cooling it (i used a grayish brush - Darker Color mode) and cropping its base, I think it plays a properly supporting role.

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Thank you Dick. I prefer to keep the grasses in the picture but I like them more subdued and I am happy with slightly less of them.

Love the graphic elements of lines and shapes in this image. The colour pallet of the image is very nice as well but it could also make a strong black and white image . See below with some dodge and burn to even out the grasses. Small content aware fill in top left corner. Processed in PS and Silver Efexs. Very well done.
Clamshell and Clifftop

This is one of the most fascinating basalt formations I’ve ever seen. I love the juxtaposition of the curved columns with the mossy rock plates in the LRC, it makes for a very dynamic composition.
The subdued green and cyan colors here are just wonderful. Well seen Ian !!

I think the rework by @Dick_Knudson works well, and nicely handles the grass.

That’s a wild subject Ian; fascinating. I too like the grass darkened a tad; it is great support, but not the star here. The black and white looks pretty good too.