Clearing Storm

A very windy day with storm clearing and a break in the clouds.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Sony a7RM3 with 100-400 @1/1000sec f/11

Very dramatic image, James. I’m not so sure that wide ribbon of shore is needed. I think it plays stronger with a more panoramic format.

Thanks for the comment. I agree, it makes for a stronger image and places more emphasis on the breaking waves.

Stunning image. Very moody with wide tonal contrast. Nice textures. The glow and golden color of the clouds and water give a feeling of warmth and hope, even though the sky is overcast and the sea is stormy.

James, the gold & black does a fine job of showing off the stormy weather. That’s a great collection of crepuscular rays peeking through the clouds. The blowing white caps also look good. The beach adds context to the view, leaving it in or out is an artist’s choice decided by the story that you want to tell. The NPN system is being very slow to show the larger view. Did you limit the image size (long pixel dimension and file size)?

the image is 2000 px on the long side and 806 KB. This sizing usually works well for posting. Is this too large.

The recommendation is 1600 px on the long size, but if it’s under 1MB the px length isn’t so important. It seems that the NPN system was being very slow when I was viewing and that image size wasn’t the problem.