Big wave

Almost all the posted images so far have storm clouds. But storms also affect the ocean and other water bodies.

Specific Feedback Requested

any. saturation and crop ideas?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
iso 200, 24-120 at 64 mm, f8, 320th, D850


David, your thought is intriguing, since I don’t know how to tell a storm driven wave from the big waves that are common in some places. This is a dramatic view, with the big break at the top and the slosh at the bottom looking very turbulent. The rock and the bits of flying water on the left heighten the drama. One thought is that I’d like to see more at the top, but I’m betting that the top of the wave is just out of the frame, so there’s nothing to add at the top.

Here is whole frame…
Do you see any better crop than original post?

David, I like the full frame, with the green in the lrc and the volcanic rocks along the bottom. As for other crops, here’s one possibility, with the rock centered (because it’s stable) in the midst of all the turbulence.

Thanks for looking at this image.