Cloning/Content aware in Nature photography

Just been thinking about my use of cloning or content aware fill with my nature images. My current thinking is that for my landscape work I use it very sparingly usually for spot removal in sky or water. Occasionally to remove something such as a small branch sticking in the scene. However I tend to do a bit more with my wildlife images especially around unwanted branches in a scene. My thinking is that these are wild animals and I try to capture them without disturbing them. What are peoples thoughts on this subject. Here is an before/after example of a Tufted titmouse where I removed a few branches from the bottom of the image.

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I too try to limit my cloning in landscapes to dust spots and the occasional stray item.

For birds especially, I do find myself using the clone/heal more frequently. Since my work is predominantly for myself, I have no problem with it.

In this instance, Bryan, the cloning yields a much stronger picture, it works nicely.

My goal for my personal images is art, and I’m happy to use the tools I have to achieve that result. My taste is for a natural look, rather than a “filtered” look, but I have no problem removing branches as in Bryan’s example. It’s a gorgeous image with a stunningly beautiful BG – why leave items that detract from it artistically when they can be removed. As to landscapes, I wouldn’t want to alter an icon but I have no problem picking up distracting stray elements or pruning stray branches of the sort that I might have done if I could have walked into the scene before shooting.