One more image from my Fall Utah trip. This was taken early in the morning before the sun rose while the wind was still relatively calm (unusual for the area). I loved the stark contrast of the heavily eroded but colorful hills with the fall colors of these trees and brush. This was difficult to photograph. I had to climb about half way down a very steep (more than 45 degrees) hill while trying to balance my tripod and a 150-600mm lens and not fall on the slippery slope. If I had shot this from the road the foreground tree does not stick out as much and blends into the background trees. I couldn’t go down to the bottom because the tree would block the colorful striations in the background. So, I was stuck on the side of a hill. Anyway, this is the shot from that morning. Thanks for taking a look.

Specific Feedback Requested

Does the small tree in the foreground bother you?
Does the main tree being centered work for you?
Thanks for your feedback.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D850, 150-600mm lens, 210mm, 1/3 sec @ f/9, ISO 320,


Beautiful, David. It really showcases the tree(s) and the striped rock. The small tree does not bother me at all. Composition and processing work great for me. I really like this one.

Really like your photo @David_Haynes ; Both tree look fine and perfect in place.
My small nit is the space you left on the top.
Hope you don’t mind me suggesting a alternative crop

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This is a really gorgeous image David. I also love the perspective you got with your precarious shooting position .

No not at all, it gets lost in the dark foreground, and my eye gets pulled like a magnet to the color in the center and top.

Absolutely yes centered does work for me, the tree is clearly the star and deserves center stage. And centered tree is harmonious with the balance of the three sections of the badlands above.

I think the image works very well as presented, the processing and color look great. But I am in love with that center tree. So just for the heck of it, I wanted to see if I could make it more prominent. So here is a rework where I lowered the saturation and luminosity of the other yellow trees behind it. I think it helps bring the center tree forward a bit (which may or may not be what you want out of this image).

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Another excellent image, David. I love the juxtaposition of the spreading yellow, led by the centred tree and the spreading of the rock faces behind. It feels like the whole image is expanding upward but yet, the strong yellow keeps me in the frame. As @Ed_McGuirk said, the small tree on the right is not a problem for me at all - my eye goes right to the central yellow of the trees but there is also plenty of interest on the ground with the subtle rust, magenta and yellows all around. I understand why @joaoquintela Joao suggested cropping from the top but to my mind it then feels cramped so I much prefer your take. Similarly, I understand Ed’s desire to bring up the centre tree but I fancy the conductor merging with the orchestra so I prefer your version in this case as well.

The center tree is gorgeous. I particularly like it’s understory and I like the luminosity of the brush below and the lower right. I thought that a more direct composition of the tree and lower brush would be a good idea. It was then that I realized how much those dark arches on the hills in the background add. I do think that cropping is the solution to promoting the central tree. Cropping from the left.

Outstanding work David, I think that this is amazing! Neither tree you mention bothers me and in fact, that big tree in the center adds to the image. I also really enjoy the horizontal bands of colour here.

Nothing about this image bothers me, @David_Haynes and there is so much to love and enjoy! Very nicely done.

Thanks very much @Harley_Goldman , @joaoquintela , @Ed_McGuirk , @Kerry_Gordon , @Igor_Doncov , @Tom_Nevesely , @linda_mellor for your comments and suggestions. It appears from everyone that the small dead tree in the foreground doesn’t bother anyone. That’s good news. That was my prime concern.
Ed, Thanks for taking the time to redo the image to bring out the center tree making it more of the focal point. I think it works. Thanks for that.
Kerry and Joao, I had considered cropping slightly off the top as the hill starts to get a little bit messy up there but I felt it was slightly too cramped but I can certainly see where the suggestion comes from Joao.
Igor, I had not considered a crop from the left. Interesting. I’ll look at that. I think you may be on to something.
Tom, Linda and Harley, I’m glad you like the image as is. Thanks so much for your comments.

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I really like the layering of the trees and the composition as a whole. I do find the yellow may be a bit oversaturated but the picture really does look wonderful. Good job!!!

What a lovely image.
I am late and not sure if i can add much but for what it is worth the foreground tree works well and is not at all distracting.
The subject in the middle is perfect and i think that is because of first the color contrast and then the lines in the background lead the eyes to it.

Fantastic work