The Fall Couple (with edits)

![The Fall Couple]


This image was taken last year and I recently processed it. I’m not sure why I overlooked it until now but my recent fall images had been put into the same catalogue and I stumbled across this. There were major distractions at the top of the frame so that’s why this is so tight across the top of the frame. This was early morning, before the sun came up with a typical field of scrub brush under the trees. This was just near peak colors for this trip.

Specific Feedback Requested

Does the tightness across the top of the frame bother you or do the trees and undergrowth have enough interest for the image.

Technical Details

Z7ii, ISO 100, f/14, 24-70mm lens @59mm, 1/4 second


The ‘tightness on top’ doesn’t bother me. As I recall the crown of the tree appealed less to me than the understory of the tree. I think you have captured that gap that is the best part of these scenes (with the face of the cliff as the background). The colors are very natural in their intensity and hues. Due to the warm autumn this year the trees remained green into November.

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I must admit that my first thought was: what a shame that the tops of these beautiful trees are missing. But you explained it, and I agree with @Igor_Doncov that the rest of the image is more than sufficient to carry the load. A lovely image, great colors and very nicely processed. You exposed 1.4sec, no wind, I suppose :slight_smile:

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I’m loving this David. The cut off trees don’t bug me a bit, it actually helps the rest of the image become a part of the scene and I actually think that is better. (If the tops of the trees were present, this would likely only about the trees, where as is the understory is a wonderful part of the image.) No nits, this is very nice.

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This is wonderful, David. Is this Zion? It sure looks like it. I think the comp is perfect to illustrate those wonderful trunks and limbs. Awesome.

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Love, love, love the colors, the grass, the stone wall and “oh” those trees. I feel like I could just reach out and touch. Great depth of field. I think this one should be a wall hanger. This is one of my many favorites of yours. Think I’ll just sit here and enjoy the scene.

That you made this picture prior to sun rise is, I think, typical of so many of your images that seem to depend on diffuse light. I love the subtlety of the colour palette and the title says it all - “The Fall Couple” - although I might have called it, “Twins” :grinning: I agree with Igor that cutting the tops of the tree is not a problem in the least - I know what the tops of trees look like and it isn’t what this image is about. They don’t need to be there and, indeed, sometimes what isn’t in the frame is every bit as important as what is. My only nit with this picture is the white line moving across the upper quadrant of the frame . I realize there was nothing you could do about that in the field but I wonder about bringing down the brightness even more than you probably already have done. In all, a lovely understated image that evokes early morning stillness and quietude.

Another vote for “great as is”. My only possible suggestion would be to think about slightly burning the brightest of the rabbit brush stalks just under the righthand tree. These are just a bit distracting to me. Lucky you to have a calm morning where you could keep the leaves sharp at 1/4 second. Bet that was no longer the case as soon as the first light started warming the canyon walls.

(One skill you all have taught me over the past year is to really pay attention to edge distractions!)

Like this one a lot! I think your crop is chosen very well. The grassy FG, the main trees and the rock wall with its colors, textures and patterns comes together to create a very good image.

The colors and comp. look perfect, David. The redrock wall at the back sets everything else off beautifully.

Very well done, looks vibrant and yet natural. I would possibly play with trying to darken the white stripe in the top 3rd to see if it helps the wall to recede a bit and make the trees pop out more.

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@Igor_Doncov. @Han_Schutten, @John_Williams, @David_Bostock, @Donna_Callais, @Kerry_Gordon, @jefflafrenierre, @Ola_Jovall, @Mark_Seaver, @Eric_Bennett…Thanks for your insightful and helpful comments and suggestions. I have reposted an edited version Based on Kerry and Eric’s comments about the bright line going horizontally through the image. I did a luminosity selection and a color selection to mask out that portion. It was tough to do and I’m not sure how successful it was but at least the bright line is not as visible.
Igor…Sorry to hear that you may have missed the colors turning this year. They were indeed later than normal. Thank you for your input.
Han…This was not 1.4 seconds but only 1/4 second. I was fortunate that there was no wind as this place is known for constant 10-25 mile per hour winds. Glad the framing works for you. Thanks very much!
John…So glad that this works as is. I agree with the fact that the tops of the trees don’t add much to the scene. I just needed to hear it from some of you guys. Thanks very much!
David…No, not Zion. This is in the Capital Reef area. I can certainly see how you could think it was Zion though. Glad the comp works for you. Thanks so much!
Donna…Wow, Donna. That really means a lot to me. Thanks very much for your kind comments.
Kerry…I took your words to heart and tried as best I could to mask out the bright stripe going through the scene. It’s not perfect but it’s better. Thanks for your kind words.
Jeff…I forgot to burn those pesky foreground stalks that you mentioned. Shame on me. I’ll do a redo. Yep, I was fortunate to have calm conditions the morning of the shoot. It’s a very windy location most of the time. Glad we could help you out with edge distractions. I sometimes don’t see them as well. Thanks very much for your comment and suggestion, Jeff.
Ola…I’m glad you like it as is, Ola. Thanks for letting me know.
Mark…Glad you like this one, Mark. I really appreciate your comment!
Eric…Thanks for the bit of advise on this one, Eric. I took your words to heart and played with toning down that white stripe. Let me know if it worked or not or if it still needs some touching up. As always, I appreciate your comments and suggestions.


Your repost works for me, @David_Haynes . Must have been a tedious task, but the result is there.
Well done, and good advice from @Kerry_Gordon and @Eric_Bennett .

I think it turned out quite well!

The repost looks really good. The changes work nicely as does the whole image. Good one.

Tedious indeed! Glad you like the rework.