Common Camas & Repost

Repost: Removed the extraneous spider web and fixed a few other small areas I found.


Critique Style Requested: Standard

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I had the privilege to go out on our local prairie for sunrise last Thursday. While I tried to do mostly landscape photography, I couldn’t resist taking some shots of one of my favorite flower. This was a 27 image stack.

Specific Feedback

The background is some of the ground cover we have where the soil is very thin. Does the brownish red color work with this flower? The light was beginning to get just a bit harsh by this time and as a last adjustment I brushed a little negative dehaze across the flower. Dis that mellow it out sufficiently?

Technical Details

Sony A7Riv, FE 70-200 f/4 “macro” (gets down to 50% life size) @ 125 mm, f/4 1/3200, iso 400. Stack in Helicon Focus B mode. Processed in LR & PS CC. Tilted a touch and cropped from the sides. Taken at 5:59 a.m. on May 9th.

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  • Lighting:
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Woah, this is gorgeous. I don’t mind the background at all! I think the earthiness is quite complementary to the color and detail in the flowers. I haven’t seen anything like these in a while. Is this part of your prairie work/restoration? So worth it. The light doesn’t feel harsh to me because of the low angle. The stack looks great although i’d clone out the waving filament coming out to the right on the top flower. What a beauty. The water droplets are luscious.

@Kris_Smith This is part of the restoration, but a relatively easy part on this preserve. The dominant invasive that took over was Scotch (or Scot’s) Broom a large shrub with tons of yellow flowers. It’s a bit allelopathic and tends to shade things out, but the Camas is a bulb and survives under it, thoughit doesn’t bloom much. As soon as you remove the broom, the Camas blooms profusely. A lot of the other plants, particularly annuals take a lot more time and work.

Wonderful take of this natural floral arrangement, Dennis. The BG works very well IMO. The early morning beads of dew along with some small spider webs? add to the delicate plant structure overall… :+1:

Dennis, this looks great. The flower and it’s dew drops are very nicely detailed. I see a number of sharp dew drops on spider webs that are a fine addition also. As a very minor nit, I do think that clooning out the horizontal bit of web in the upper right would be good, since it shows the results of the focus change during the stack. Overall, the details are excellent.

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Good eye, Mark. I missed that OOF tiny spider web in the URHC there.

Wow, love the detail and water drops Dennis and removing the spider web improved too. Nicely balanced composition with a pleasing background that enhances the subject.