Common Gallinule

Here’s another from 2011 taken at Lake Martin. There is a narrow strip of relatively open water next to the unpaved road. And when birds are present one can get some nice images in those places. Sadly the last few years the populations are not as close or as numerous. I reframed this with some content aware canvas on left hand side and a bit less to the right. Shot in subdued midday light in March 2011.

E-3, Zuiko 300 F2.8 +EC-20 on tripod
ISO 400 f5.7 1/400 0.0EV

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Good detail and colors. Nice head turn and the water compliments the bird. I tend to clean up the water (perhaps too much) and probably would have removed the small debris in the shadows of the bird.

Gorgeous water and a beautiful reflection image, Bill. There are several pieces of vegetation on the water that you could clean up if you feel so inclined. They don’t seem to add anything to the image.

I generally prefer low POV photos of ducks to do them justice, but his works for me because the reflection and water are exceptional…

Yeah, @Dennis_Plank & @Allen_Brooks, you are right. Those two bits of duck weed in the bird’s reflection need to be removed. Thanks!

Very nice, Bill. The red beak is definitely the focal point and the overall color scheme works very well. The POV works with the reflection in calm waters. Techs look good, but I think you can bring a bit more detail in the top part of the beak.