Compact camera recommendations?

A friend who is an artist is looking for a compact camera, primarily to make photographs which she will print to use as material for paintings. She wants a large telephoto range. She probably will not use any processing software, although I’m going to try to show her the advantages of simple software like maybe Photoshop Elements.

I welcome any recommendations! I haven’t paid any attention to this class of cameras and am too underwater with projects at the moment to do much research.

I haven’t even had time to check in here for a while. I hope to resurface in a couple of weeks.

I saw this topic a while ago and didn’t have time to reply until now. I have a Sony rx100 vii that is a great little camera. It is pocket size but has terrific zoom capabilities for it’s compactness. It has pretty decent dynamic range and has all the bells and whistles typical of larger Sony cameras. It seems durable. I have taken it on back pack trips, mountain bike rides, hikes, loaned it out and it hasn’t failed me yet. I have also used it in extreme cold conditions. I would give it a highly recommended status (for the size of the camera). I could send photos if interested. Hope this helps.

Thanks @kelly_cole – I’ll add that to the list of things she should look at. She’s considering several possibilities already.