Sony rx100 vii pocket canera

Does anyone have experience with the Sony RX100 vii as a landscape(forest, trees) camera . I am thinking of using it next to my D850. But can’t decide .

Hi Ben,

I used the first generation RX100 and I loved it. I still have it, although I haven’t used it in a long time.
I’m thinking I may bring it out of hibernation for use as a light-weight option for longer hikes.

The image quality was fine, although I’m not into pixel-peeping. It worked well for all kinds of images (landscape, buildings, flowers, etc.).

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I have also the RX 100 first generation. A fine pocket camera . But I can see so little on the LCD. Therefore I expect that the pop up electronic finder wil help to see what I am doing . Next to that it has a 24-200 lens and better auto focus. I should use this camera when I am out finding new places and images. My hope is that someone has this camera already and can tell about his findings using it for forest and trees. I thank you for your quick answer. Bonnie !

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