Smallm lightweight camera with good zoom

I am looking for a small camera with good zoom I can take when riding my bike, walking my dog, or playing golf. I often see wildlife when doing those things and want to get photos. I have a Nikon D500, but it is too large for some everyday things. I also have a Sony Rx100 vii, but the zoom is not very good. There are no camera stores near me - only Best Buy. Recommendations would be appreciated.

I just got a Samsung S21 Ultra 5G phone. The camera has 0.6x,1x, 2x and 10 x optical lenses, and a better digital zoom than other phones I’ve seen. Not the least expensive option, I’m sure, but you’ll always have it with you.

By the way the digital zoom is up to 100x. Hand held can be iffy at 100x, but 30x is very manageable, to me, so far.

I paid for mine outright for $800 and change. I did have a $100 trade in.