Nikon Telephoto Zoom Lens Recommendations

One problem that I have encountered on my trips out west is that I do not have a telephoto zoom lens for wildlife when I have to shoot from a car. The attached image was taken with a 300mm f4 lens at Custer State Park. I was in our vehicle due to the very close proximity of this thirsty bison. The comp is tight, but I would have liked to be able to zoom out for a less tight composition. I do have a 600mm f4 and a 105mm macro for my Nikon D500. The 600 is difficult to maneuver inside a vehicle and often has too much reach and the 105 is excellent for close-ups. What have you found to be ideal telephoto zoom lens for large animal photography from a vehicle that is reasonably priced and functions well for capturing excellent detail and contrast? Do any of you use Nikon’s 200-500mm from within a vehicle. Thank you for any replies…Jim

Jim, The Nikon 200-500 or the Sigma 150-600 (I prefer the Sport model) are ideal, imo, and quite reasonably priced, with lots of good used ones around too. Many people here use one or the other with excellent results.
If possible, try renting each and see what you think.
Good luck! Sandy

The 200-500mm is reasonably prices, although with the D500’s crop sensor, I would still be very close to a 300mm focal length lens. I was wondering about the 80-400mm. Not many people talk about this particular lens.