Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


We have a place in the garden that seems to grow cosmos in spite of my gardening efforts. Every fall I pull them out after the birds have eaten the seeds, and every spring they sprout profusely. I deliberately left focus a bit soft. The background is thyme ground cover.

Specific Feedback

Soft focus? Position of flower?

Technical Details

7DmkII; 100/400 @278; 8.0; 320 iso; spot; -1/3; wb auto.

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The background works really well for this. Quite soft and delicate all around. I think the flower itself could use a bit more sharpness to contrast with the bg - not all throughout necessarily, but in some areas to provide a bit of interest. I don’t know how I feel about the tiny bit of green sticking out from underneath on the left. It kind of goes with the one against the lighter petal, but I could be persuaded to lose it.

Are Cosmos a problem flower? I’m not a gardener by any stretch so have no idea.

Beautiful, Jim. I love the lighting the background and the depth of field. The little crinkle in the petal on the left just adds a sense of reality. I do think the flower could be a bit higher in the frame. You could accomplish the same balance taking a bit off the to and the right side which feels to me to have more space than necessary.

@_Kris No, cosmos are not a problem here. @Dennis_Plank @_Kris Uploading with some changes.

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I like the repost, Jim.

I like what you have done in the repost. In the original, the flower was too tight with the bottom of the frame. I wish for more DOF as the stem and sepals provide the foundation for the flower. Wonderful BG…Jim

This is one that I missed. Beautiful, especially the repost. Better position in the frame. A very nice image.
I understand @Jim_Zablotny 's wish for a sharper stem. But you might lose the great BG that you have now, I don’t know how far away it is.

Thank you. If I had changed positions to get the stem sharper the background behind the stem would have been dark brown or green.