Could not stay away!

Over a month ago, I signed up to the free trial period. After the 30 days passed, I knew I want to renew and sign up to the full membership however due to an upcoming xmas sale, money was an issue as I wanted to pump as much money as I can into prints etc. Therefore for a few days I had no real access to NPN… And this broke me :):woozy_face: !

Luckily I noticed the monthly fee is cheap as chips therefore I signed up to the full membership and I am back to this awesome community! Lucky you lot lol

Welcome back Zoltan, now go feed your NPN addiction and show us some images! :smile:

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Thanks David, I couldn’t stay away for long :rofl: oh well, here’s one of my latest shots, I’ll also post this on the critiques…I went out for sunrise that didn’t really work out and bagged this one! Shot this using a Lee Big stopper getting an almost 3mins long exposure. To me, looks like an ice skating place :face_with_hand_over_mouth: