Creating Unique Work by Chuck Kimmerle

Excerpt from the Article:

Of all the comments I get about my work, the one that pleases me most (aside from “I will take two prints, please”) is “I knew that was your photograph before I even looked at the name.” Such a statement implies that my photography style is personal enough to be recognized as my work.

Uniqueness is often overlooked as a valuable trait in our landscape or nature photography, and it shouldn’t be. We are unique individuals with unique life experiences and situations; our work should reflect that individuality. Of course, being unique is rarely enough; our work must be compelling, driven by creativity and personal expression.

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Chuck, thank you for your thoughtful ideas about creating unique work. Most useful for me was your point about creating the image that I find compelling while letting go of that notion about how others might see it. Also, the very concept of uniqueness as necessarily unlike what’s been done before. Reminds me of that line. ….you know you’re on your own path when everyone tells you it’s wrong. And by the way, your work inspires me to keep on trying; it’s beautiful and unique!

Thank you, Rebecca. I love that line “you know you’re on your own path when everyone tells you it’s wrong.” It’s more true than many care to admit. Best of luck on your own creative journey .