Dang! (to be nice…) Just found out Yosemite Valley is closing beginning Friday the 28th due to imminent flooding with a very warm spell on it’s way. I have (or had) camping reservations beginning Sunday the 30th. :disappointed_relieved: According to the NPS, “most of the valley will be closed,” which means the campgrounds and all points east of the El Cap Crossover.

Hoping for no worse news and that at least the western end of the valley will be accessible. I’ll have to get a motel instead of camping.

Super bummed not only to have to miss out on the camping, spending time with a buddy and photographing in my favorite place in the world… but just last week I pulled the trigger and have rented a Nikon N7ii. It’s arriving Thursday. The camera, the lens, and I bought a memory card, L-bracket and some accessories to the tune of like $500 (incl rental). So guess what? I’m going anyway. So even if I can’t get to destinations further up the valley - the river should be spectacular!

So, anyone want to join me for a day trip to the Merced River canyon?

Oh that’s such a bummer, but not unexpected given the amount of snowfall this winter. I hope you’ll be able to make the best of it despite the limitations. If I lived anywhere nearby I’d join you. Alas, it’s far from Wisco.

Dang, indeed!! (Appropriate expletives re-inserted.) Here’s hoping these isn’t too much flood damage. Good luck on finding a place to stay!

Lon, sorry to hear about all the pain with regards to the planned trip. I know prior to all the record snow & rain we had this year many of us, me included, saw the worst in the droughts for several years. So, all we can do is try and adapt as it sounds like you’re in process of doing now. Good luck with the overall alternate revisions.

Bummer about the closure. But on the other hand, it should be a heck of a lot of fun to take a new camera for a test drive and the canyon should provide plenty of targets to point the lens toward. I am looking forward to hearing about your take on the camera.

Have fun!

You all can come to my dry , flat lowland under sea level. Almost no snow, just a bit of rain. Succes lon !

Tough luck indeed. You still have the El Cap and Bridalveil area to work with, although everyone else will be pushed into those spots as well. Photographing the valley is challenging these days. Best of luck.

Hi Lon,

Isn’t there an adage about these things, something like: “If it can go wrong, it will” (Murphy’s Law?) I think.

However, I’ve always found that when things do go wrong, there’s a hidden jewel in there somewhere, ya just gotta look for it.
The cup is half “Full” approach works best for me in most cases. Look at it this way, the high water levels might provide you with a few great opportunities that wouldn’t be there otherwise, talk about breaking away from the iconic, this could be your chance to do that. :slight_smile:

And I know that deep down you want the water tables back up to normal, the western lakes have really suffered lately. Of course I know you would rather it not be at your personal expense.

Lemons to lemonade! :slight_smile:

Give it the ole '“College Try” & “Good Luck” :slight_smile:

Has any of that been inspiring? :thinking:

That’s tough luck for sure especially since with all the extra things you had to do because of the rental. Still, I’m sure you’ll have a fun and productive time out there even if it will be different than you expected.

Thanks all for the responses! I haven’t decided on the plan just yet, but indeed I too believe there is always opportunity and yes @Merv , I too believe in making lemonade… :slight_smile:

Despite the partial closure, there is no less than a 20 mile stretch of the Merced river in conditions that aren’t seen but every few decades (Last catastrophic flood Jan '97 - photo lifted from news articel). I don’t see the same levels approaching 1997… but then what do I know?

I actually see a perfect opportunity for a “Project.” a Project to me is something that is thought of, and planned ahead of time. Could be something as simple as “Water and rock” - but certainly a theme-based Project. hmmmm, I’ll be thinking on this.

Motel room and camping available outside the park along 140. Should be good there.

Me too! Arriving tomorrow so I’ll have a chance to play with it, configue the settings, etc. As most might expect and know, there will be some getting used to the electronic viewfinder, among other things. One thing I also hope to accomplish is running some image quality tests. The lens that is coming along with the Z7ii, is the 24-200mm. It’s more a kit lens than a more expensive higher performer… but if I can produce better images than what I can with my current Nikon 28-300mm kit-type lens, I’ll be happy. I’ll be sure and report my experience!

No doubt Igor. there is no shortage of subjects despite the “do not enter” sign being put up a few miles short… :slight_smile:

No problems here Tom! I’ve always been a "volume shooter - which for me means you usually have to force me to stop during the day to break for lunch, for example. Now that I think about it, rather than having 1,000 different possibilities for photographs… there’s probably still around 987 left. Kinda like compressing the histogram… instead of the full range of values between 0-255… I’m working with 5-250 or so. And still will enjoy the outing outdoors regardless.

Taking it as it comes… thanks. I’ll let you know how it goes!



The Z7 II is a what you see in the viewfinder is pretty much what you get…I love mine!


I’ve had the Z7ii for about one year. Before that, the Nikon D850. The controls were different enough on the Z7ii that I bought a manual from Thom Hogan, which was very helpful. Before that I was struggling a bit. I now own a couple of Z mount lenses: the 14-24mm f/2.8, and the 24-120mm f/4. Both are somewhat better optically than the F mount versions, especially the latter, although I have not done any side-by-side testing myself. Admittedly it was a splurge. The kit is certainly lighter and smaller!

Wish I could, but a little far away from Tualatin, OR for a day trip. :smile: Hope you get some great stuff!